Single top analysis

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Single top note 2009
Single top note 2008

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ORCA full simulation analysis:


I'm using ExRootAnalysis with extra private blocks for ECAL+HCAL towers and "Type 1 MET" (and this .orcarc), and CRAB (instructions for impatients here) for submissions (with this configuration file). NOTE: at present, only RedHat7.3 with ORCA_8_7_1 is installed on the Worker Nodes, so I have to login on lxplus7 and setenv SCRAM_ARCH Linux__2.4 before compiling.

DSTs: use this official page, selecting only names containing "DST871".
Then generate the lines to insert in the .orcarc using the script /afs/ (syntax: findDSTs [namesample]).
Root tree description for ExRootAnalysis.

ROOT macros:






My talks on single top:

Other general talks on Top and/or Standard Model physics may be found in the index of my personal web page.

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